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Slimcut Jan. 16th, 2011 @ 12:10 pm
 Has anyone tried slimcut  and if so did it work? 
I am looking at various supplements to lose weight and would like to hear other peoples opinions. 


M-Drol Supplement Review Dec. 20th, 2010 @ 12:07 pm
M-Drol is the generic name for the anabolic steroid Superdrol, which is a synthetic illegal substance that will show up on numerous drug tests and also could have the potential to do major bodily harm to people who don’t use it properly. Superdrol is characterized by the nomenclature 2a,17a di methyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b-ol which also appears on the M-Drol label. M-Drol is a straight copy of the original Superdrol product from anabolic xtreme.

Superdrol (also M-Drol) might sound like an easy way to gain fast muscle, but it is low quality muscle weight that you will lose. Many guys experience the effect of gaining 20lbs of muscle..Read More at androcycle.com

Are you using the ultimate muscle builder supplements? Nov. 23rd, 2010 @ 02:38 pm

Best Muscle Builders Supplements

 Before you pick a muscle builders supplements you want to have your diet and exercise plan ready to go. Without a proper diet and exercise plan you won't be able to grow, so make sure you follow a good one.  There are many free workout plans like this one available on the internet:   FREE WORKOUT PLAN

When you choose a good diet and workout plan, then you can move on to proper muscle builders supplements for gaining mass.  There are many muscle builders supplements available on the market and you can get lost with what to choose. This should serve as a guideline for what kind of muscle builders supplements to choose.


 The most commonly used supplement that beginners start with is Creatine.  Creatine is one of the best muscle builders on the market because it can help a bodybuilder in three separate ways.  Creatine is one of the safest muscle builders supplements out there and has been studied since 1994 for safety.  Creatine builds mass by adding in an immediate water gaining or "volumization" effect to muscle. Also, creatine recharges ATP, which gives you more energy to perform. Finally, Creatine can block key enzymes that tear down muscle which will ultimately help you carry more mass.

 Amino Acids

 Amino Acids are the second part of our muscle builders supplements.  Amino Acids are not the same as straight protein from meat or even protein shakes.  Actually, a recent study has shown that ingesting and amino acid supplement before your workout will help you gain 33% more muscle each time you exercise.  The amino acid Leucine is the most important anabolic amino acid.  You need this amino acid in almost every supplement you take.  Our favorite stack that has creatine, leucine and other amino acids is found here and will give you all of the basic building blocks for muscle growth:   THE PERFECT STACK

 This stack is amazing because it gives you protein, creatine and amino acids for growth and is the best stack for the beginner who wants to put on tons of muscle while staying away from anything hormonal.

 The Next Step

 If you want to take your workout to the next level, you need to look at something stronger like an herbal testosterone booster or natural herbal androgen.  These two ingredients optimize the hormones of the natural athlete by increasing testosterone levels. 

 Testosterone boosting is going to help you increase aggression and muscle mass when in the gym.  You can boost testosterone naturally, using herbs and other supplements that boost your testosterone naturally.  Unlike steroids, these don't screw up your normal production of testosterone, they actually signal your body to make more testosterone.  The most popular testosterone booster on the market can be found here:   THE BEST TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER 

 If you want to go a step further, you can use natural herbal androgens. These ingredients are going to act like testosterone in your body and give you the natural boost in mass and strength that comes from steroid use, without being on anything that is a steroid.  You can be confident that these are not going to cause you to piss hot on a drug test. You can use these to give yourself a natural gain of 6-8lbs in a month.  A great natural steroid replacement and muscle builders supplements can be found here:   THE BEST STEROID REPLACEMENT 

 Steroids...legal and illegal

 Steroids are the holy grail of all sports supplements. They are still available on the internet, in gyms and in many countries they are not considered illegal.  Anabolic steroids are able to put on 10-12lbs of mass in one single month and can certainly be the best muscle builders for people wanting to get big.  People should be over 21 before they take any kind of steroids because these muscle builders supplements are not natural.  Also they can cause you to fail a drug test if you are an athlete or tested professional.

 Most steroids are illegal in the US, but there is one still legal steroid that you can take, which will help you boost your testosterone levels and give you massive gains in the gym.  This steroid is available without a prescription and can be a huge benefit for the experienced athlete looking for the best muscle builders supplements on the market.

 You can find these legal steroids HERE:

 Now that you have the basic muscle builders supplements, you can choose which one is right for you and start to put together your own program for putting on tons of mass.  Remember all muscle builders supplements are subject to proper diet and exercise and nothing will replace hard work, so you need both to succeed...

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French Paradox Sep. 15th, 2009 @ 10:52 pm
Did you ever hear about the French Paradox?
You know, the french eat cheese and a lot of fat yet they stay thin. It seems there's a logic behind it!

Do you think this stuff might actually work? Cos I'll move to France if it does! I swear!

Hello! May. 28th, 2008 @ 04:16 pm
Hello all!

I am a new member; I joined this community a few hours ago and read through most of the posts. They seemed brilliant. I reckon this is embarrassing but I'll ask you something anyway. I am nearly 20 this year and I weigh about 54 kg. I am not fat, nor am I thin, just fit or average? I have been doing different kinds of exercises but not on a day do day basis. How can I flatten my bum so it won't expose a lot, and how can I make my chest (including my brests) thinner so it's easier for me to dress anything without having to expose my breasts. If you want to know, my size is A 34. I am sick of trying on the clothes that you can easily see my breasts. I don't like this.
Thanks a BUNCH. Oh and I don't know if it's acceptable here, but do let me know otherwise.
Have a good day/night! =)
Other entries
» Exercise Tips
In case anyone likes to read or watch videos that have great exercise tips and routines, feel free to check out Prevention Magazine's site: http://buzz.prevention.com

» Hi everyone!

My name is Bekki and I'm new to this community. I joined a while ago, but I've never posted anything. A brief description of me: I'm 20 years old, five foot three and somewhere in the vicinity of 170 lbs. My main goal is simply to drop a size or two over the summer, from a 14 to a 12, but I also would just like to get a little bit healthier.

Overall I think I have some good habits- I love vegetables and organic food, I really enjoy a lot of active things like kayaking and hiking, and I enjoy working out (even though I don't do it often- guilty as charged)- but Ive never been able to turn a few healthy habits into a healthy lifestyle. I don't work out enough, and while I love healthy foods, all to often junk food is more readily available.

Anyway, I'm just looking for some tips on how to get started and I also wanted to invite anyone to check out my journal. I post all kinds of things, from info about what's going on with me, to motivational quotes, to websites and advice that I'm trying and have tried.

Thanks in advance for any advice or support!
» Fighting Fatigue
My trainer has given me a new workout routine - 4 days of lifting (45 minutes to 1 hour) followed by 30 minutes of cardio and one day of an hour of cardio only.

I love this new routine. The problem is afterwards I am drained but am not hungry.

This morning I did an hour of lifting and 30 mins of elliptical cardio. Before hand I ate half a cup of dry oatmeal w/ skim milk. Afterwards, I had an Oh Yeah protein bar (28g protein).

Sitting here at my desk an hour later, I just want to go to sleep for a few hours because I'm fatigued.

What should I be eating for energy even though I am not hungry at all?

Eating too much will make me sick, but there has to be a fine line somewhere.

Thanks in advance!
» (No Subject)
Okay, internets, I've got a question.

How do you stay motivated? I've wanted to start doing some kind of workout again (I did so for about four months back in '03, but backpain due to my job caused me to stop and I never started again) for over a year now, but my studies - which come to an end next week - my current job and my lack of funds have served as adequate reasons so far not to begin.

Luckily for me, I have natural thinness which is only just starting to fail, so I'm not at the stage where I'd have to start weight-loss before I started working out again. So. Reveal unto me your secrets: How do you keep yourself in the mindset where you can summon up the willpower to work out three/four/six/whatever times a week?
» (No Subject)
Heyy everyone (:
I'm new here. My name is Francheska. I'm trying to get toned up. I'm 18 years old. I'm 5'3" and about 125 lbs. I had my daughter last March. During pregnancy, I gained 65 lbs. (I love carrot cake.. I couldn't help it! Haha). Pre-pregnancy, I was 115 at my most. I recently got a membership to LA Fitness. I'm thinking about going grocery shopping for myself and buying a few 'goods' (as in healthy food, but sweets), but I have no idea what to get. Any suggestions? I'll be honest.. I kind of eat horribly.
Breakfast: Maybe one pancake and orange juice.
Lunch: A big kid's meal cheeseburger with french fries & water from McDonalds, lol( I'm usually out at school 9am-6pm) with a Dasani water bottle
Dinner: Rice & beans, orange juice or water

Sometimes I usually skip lunch or dinner because I get so caught up with school and then my kid.

I'm planning on changing my schedule for next week;
Monday- class from 9am-4pm, gym (cycle+abs class) at 4:30pm
Tuesday- class from 9am-4pm, gym (mat pilates) at 4:30pm
Thursday- class from 9am-4pm, gym (step sculpt) at 4:30pm

I've never worked out, so I wouldn't know what to do. I've never eaten healthy, so that's different for me too. Tips on what to do for working out and what to eat would help me a lot!

PS. I sometimes feel really upset and I give up on myself. If you all can help me and suggest how I could continue to think positive, I'd be really grateful. Thank you guys so much. (:

Pictures of myself now );Collapse )
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